Weston Racquet Club TOP GUN Session 1 (Aug 14-Sept 23)

TOP GUN (ages 8-11, Invitational Only)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 5:30-7:00pm

This class is for juniors looking to go the next level and participate in Rookie level tournaments. This class is invitation only and includes point play, strategy and fitness and foot work training.

Members: 1 day/week: $192, 2 days/week: $384

Non-Members: 1 day/week: $246 2 days/week: $492

Aleksi Gottlieb, Andy Rubenstein, Harry Waldie, Albert Fernandez, Isabella Simonpietri, John Adamidis, Adam Maddock, Juan Carlos Marulanda, Leovanna Viamonte, Kyle Mayberry, Sarvesh Maria, Zachary Friend
1x week member
1x week non member
2x week member
2x week non member
3x week member
3x week non member
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